Lead SecOps Engineer

Date:  Nov 21, 2023

Suresnes, FR, 92150

Ingenico is the global leader in payments acceptance solutions. As the trusted technology partner for merchants, banks, acquirers, ISVs, payment aggregators and fintech customers our world-class terminals, solutions and services enable the global ecosystem of payments acceptance. With 40 years of experience, innovation is integral to Ingenico’s approach and culture, inspiring our large and diverse community of experts who anticipate and help shape the evolution of commerce worldwide. At Ingenico, trust and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do.  



As a SecOps Lead Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and building the security tools, services and frameworks to integrate consistent, verifiable, and automatic security controls that will re-enforce and maintain a strong security posture. You will also be the advocate for empowering Development teams with E2E ownership of their applications security status across all environments, up to Production. You will be responsible for providing and maintaining a robust, scalable and operable security platform and associated security tools.


Your day-to-day responsibilities include to:

  • Lead the architecture, design and automation of security solutions, and integration of these solutions into both existing Applications & Infrastructure pipelines
  • Assess the various solution & providers to make the best choice with regard to our current context and situation of our technology stack & processes
  • Build these security solutions "as a service" for Developers to use and consume with the adequate level of abstraction required
  • Design the processes associated with security adoption, integration & incident response in a Cloud native, automated environment
  • Design, build the security operational standard and control their application within the various infrastructure & development teams
  • Build the reporting on standard compliance & security adoption



  • You have at least 6 to 8 years of experience on a similar role in analysing current state of SecOps practices and in leading, developing & deploying SecOps practices strategy to big/ medium portfolio of security solutions
  • Experience in setting up a full Secure CI/CD process using Gitlab & associated security gates
  • Good Experience with Linux/Unix Systems and cloud. Gitlab CI/CD, Kubernetes (operators, stateful set, helm, Argo CD, flux…)
  • Good Experience with Secure Testing (SCA, SAST, DAST, etc.) for languages Java, Scala, Angular, React, .NET
  • Strong experience with Docker Management Platform, Leveraged Custom Docker Images as Containerized Apps within the Docker Engine as Multi Stack Application


Technical skills

  • Proven understanding & hands-on experience of GitLabCI, Terraform or Ansible as IaaC
  • Strong understanding of integrating security tools to CI/CD (Release) pipelines
  • Experience with any higher language like Python, YAML, Json.
  • Working experience on Public, Private and Hybrid cloud environment


Other important skills

  • Strong written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Keen to work in an Agile/SAFE environment.
  • Proactive, autonomous, quality-oriented mindset
  • Strong team spirit, supportive of others’ contributions.
  • Strong culture of ownership of the platform products you build, from design to development to production support & monitoring
  • Strong culture of Developement teams enablement & empowerement, with a mindset oriented toward self-service solutions design & build
  • Ability to balance technical debt vs long term solutions, and to design for the problems that you have now, while keeping the system flexible for the problems that will come tomorrow