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Solutions Architect

Date:  Mar 26, 2024

Fuzhou, CN, 350001

Ingenico is a global leader in the fintech market, with more than three decades of experience. Its footprint gives scale to projects and talents. Innovation is part of our DNA and our diverse community of experts keeps anticipating the evolution of commerce worldwide.  

We provide merchants with a comprehensive and innovative range of services and solutions that eliminate payment complexity and make purchasing quick, seamless, and secure for consumers, whatever the sales channel or payment method.  

Ingenico China is one of our product development and supply chain centers that works on end-to-end hardware and software development for our Android terminals.    

Ingenico is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from candidates of all backgrounds.  

Areas of Responsibility:   

  • 1. Android platform software architecture, including terminal system and application, PC tools, as well as SaaS,/PaaS and other overall solution architecture.
  • 2. Planned the overall solution or specific software architecture, related software design specifications and guidelines, and technical development route.
  • 3. As the technical leader in important or complex projects (such as a new terminal platform, or new cloud system), organize working group meetings to discuss solutions with the software manager.
  • 4. Lead prospective technology research. Technical coordination of the development of related professions, departments, teams, and projects to meet architectural requirements and to check key designs and important solutions
  • 5. Review the overall solutions and software solutions including Android software components, such as terminals, tools, ecosystems, and in-plant systems.
  • 6. Software reverse analysis can be carried out independently if necessary.
  • 7, software logic, ideas of document editing.
  • 8. Analyze and determine the optimization of system performance architecture.
  • 9. Completed tasks on time according to company requirements.
  • 10. Guide team members as experts in Android field.
  • 11. Project management and team coordination.


Competencies, Skills and Experience : 


1. Foreign working experience as an Android solution architecture expert or technical leader.
2. Deeply understand the principles and important mechanisms of embedded systems and operating systems (including Linux and Android), have strong ability and experience in the development of embedded systems (RTOS or no OS), Linux Kernel customization or driver development, Android system customization and development, proficient in C/C++ and other languages
3. Have basic security knowledge, including system security, communication security, common security algorithms and principles, basic security principles, etc.
4. Have a certain understanding of hardware digital circuits and relevant collaborative development experience
5. Certain understanding of terminal application and cloud system development, as well as relevant collaborative development experience.
6. Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
7. Experience in financial intelligent product development, knowledge of relevant specifications and application scenarios is preferred
8, Familiar with SysML, UML, and other object-oriented technology knowledge, with application or cloud development experience is preferred.
9. Understand agile development, continuous integration, and other project development knowledge and tools, experience is preferred;


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